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Online Teen Millionaires - Whats The Secret?

Online Teen Millionaires – What Is The Secret To Their Success?

How many people dream of becoming millionaires with their home-based businesses? Millions perhaps, maybe even more! It's super-hard to make that happen, but not impossible. I was inspired by the stories of two teens (now young adults) who had earned their first million before they even graduated from school just by doing what they love – online.

Before even graduating, two young entrepreneurs, Cameron Johnson and Ashley Qualls, accomplished the kind of success others only dream of! What is the secret to their success? I'm sure everybody would like to know that. Cameron and Ashley have gone much further seeking and accomplishing success – here are their stories and tips for all of you who want to be successful, too! Read the stories because they’re going to make you believe in your dreams again!
Cameron Johnson
Cameron Johnson earned his first $50,000 when he was 12 years old. At the age of 8, he already knew that he didn’t want to be a professional sportsman or a singer – he wanted to be a businessman like Mr. Donald Trump. At the age of nine, Cameron launched an invitation printing business making clients out of his parents’ friends. 10 to 15 orders a month brought him a few hundreds of dollars, which is quite a bit of money for a little boy.
His next business project was the beamy baby business – he bought and sold cool stuff for babies on ebay, and at the peak, his was shipping about 40 orders a day – before his 12th birthday, Cameron had already earned his first $50,000 dollars.
Of course, the story doesn't end there; on the contrary, Cameron launched two Internet-based companies selling ads face. The second one grew so fast and after serving 2,000 customers and 15 million ads per day, the business translated into $15,000 of daily revenue. Cameron was 15 then (is this a lucky number or something?) and that’s when he had become the youngest American appointed to the board of a Tokyo-based company.
His next successful project was writing a bestselling book. Before he turned 21, Cameron had already had 12 businesses, and before he graduated from high-school, he had already made his first million! At 19, he bought his first house, and sold it later for about $400,000!
Ashley Qualls
The owner and CEO of, Ashley Qualls, started building her website at the age of 14, and at 17 she built a million-dollar website. Ashley invested 8 bucks to buy her own domain and started doing what she loved most by offering her free space layouts and tutorials on how to build your own website. Today, about 100,000 to 250,000 people get in touch with her on a regular basis asking help and guidelines on how to build a website.
People have offered to buy her out already, but Ashley refused and said: "Why? It’s a great thing to do when you find something you love!" Ashley used to make about $50,000 to $70,000 a month at 17, and she bought a house for $250,000!

How Did They Do It?

This Is What They Recommend To Your Success
If you are dreaming of such success, these are their tips to make it happen:
  • Start small.
  • You call the shots!
  • Look close to home for great ideas!
  • Adapt or die! You have to continue to always change to your customers or everything else, or your business will die!
  • Read books on successful people! They could be like mentors to you even if you don’t have a personal relationship with them.
They Are Not The Only Ones
Other successful young web entrepreneurs who may inspire you:
Olivia Bennett – a nationally recognized artist. She was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 5. The world seemed to crash all over her, but she stands on top of the world today. Her passion for painting beautiful pictures turned into a profitable industry. Olivia’s first painting costed $50 (she started exhibiting at the age of 10), and today the prices for her paintings range between $2,500 and $30,000.
Ephrem Taylor – started off playing video games when he was just a boy. His family couldn’t afford video games so, after his mother had challenged to him to be more creative, he decided to create them himself. He said:
"I didn’t know any boundaries. That’s a beautiful thing about being a kid."
Ephrem learned how to program computers and make games. In high school he already had a 3.5 million dollar firm using his skills and doing what he loved.
Allyson Ames – turned her hobby into a profitable business. She enjoyed baking and making sweets for her family and friends ever since she was a child. Today, she is also selling her sweets online and making tons of money.
Farrah Gray – earned his first million by the age of 14. Bill Clinton himself was impressed by this extraordinary young man whose story you should definitely hear. He’s such an uncommon entrepreneurial mind that it would take a separate hub to tell the story of his way to success.

America’s Reallionaire – Farrah Gray

The Secret To Making Millions

Is there a secret to making millions? Are millionaires just the lucky ones, born under a happy star or is it something they know and that anybody can learn to achieve such success? Of course, success has many faces and definitions, but we can say with certainty, that if you make millions as a teenager, you are a wonder kid!

P.S. - This is from a Hub page i found / hope it was inspirational to you guys and gals !

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